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STUMPFF is the band of Tommi Stumpff, existing since 2015.
He began in 1978 as the singer and guitarist of the notorious punk band "The KFc".
From 1982 he went on as an electonic musician and released several albums and an actual hit single "13 Minuten Massaker".
1993 he ended his musical activities but over the decades, he didn't only keep the old fans but gained new ones on the top. 22 years later he launched together with RĂ¼diger Schuster, himself a well known personality in the european scene, the group STUMPFF. Tommi Stumpff - vocals and guitar, RĂ¼diger Schuster - vocals, keyboards and machines, VanValia - guitar, play a very loud, compact and energetic performance which includes old tracks as well as new ones.
They call their music "electro-metal". Because of the reputation from the past and the wide connection in the social media they can relay on a big fan base.
2015 they were at WGT festival in Leipzig alongside Front 242 on the big stage. Then they toured across the country.